Yvan and Mathis Bourgnon sign 2 back-to -back world records

Publié le : 10/04/2018 07:40:00

Yvan and Mathis Bourgnon sign 2 back-to -back world records

Summer 2018 was that of record breaking for YvanBourgnon and his son Mathis. The duo has indeed signed two outstanding performances within a month aboard their Nacra F20 foil catamaran.

On July 11, the Bourgnon rallied Carthage, Tunisia from Marseille by realizing an improved time of 2 minutes and 5 seconds compared to the previous record so far held by Vittorio and NicoMalingri. At first, Yvan and Mathis Bourgnon thought they had surpassed it by only one second, which was not enough to be considered a new record (A minimum of 60 seconds is required). Nevertheless, new GPS records provided by the tracker changed the game in their favor at the end of Much further to the North, the French-Swiss skippers shone again almost a month later in the EnglishChannel. On August 4, they left Cowes, a port city of the Isle of Wight (England)and reachedDinard in IlleetVillaine after a crossing of 19hours, 42 minutes and 02 seconds.This represents an improvement of 12 hours and 40% compared to the record which was in force. Building on a chrono of 15 hours, YvanBourgnon and his son Mathis hoped to do even better yet neither the weather nor the sea was in their favor, especially near the Channel Islands where the catamaran had to face contrary currents. The two records were indeed formalized by the WSSRC (World Sailing Speed Record Council). They are currently considered hard to beat.

Forward Sailing and Spinnaker One had the opportunity and the honor to have supported Yvan and Mathis Bourgnon throughout their exploits.

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