The Safram hits the Lac Balaton again

Publié le : 07/13/2017 16:58:28

The Safram hits the Lac Balaton again

After a first victory in 2015 at the end of the regatta held on the waters of the Lac Balaton (the biggest lake in Central Europe), the now famous sport catamaran, named Safram and driven by Rodolphe Gautier and his teammates, goes back to the Hungarian waters that led the crew to the first place of the podium.

The Swiss multihull will hold the colors of Safram, a Swiss pan-European transit company that made its way through sailing.

Every year in July, more than 500 multihulled ships gather in Hungary in Lac Balaton. People there are big fans of sailing, they possess the latest catamaran sails to date.

The Fifty-Fifty achievement is still on our minds, the 50 feet sport catamaran that made a huge sensation during the Bol d’Or (the regatta held in June in Lac Léman). The engine broke world record with a 7h13 long race.

It’s usually the Italian and Hungarian teams that participate in the Bol d’Or : « It’s our turn to visit their country and particpate in their events », said Gautier.

This year’s race in Lac Balaton in Hungary, is going to be very intense with all the good crews taking part to it, like this Swiss team.


Safram will try to conquer to Hungarian regatta during this month, July 2017, hoping to win the prestigious Lac Balaton price. 

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